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We offer over 40 years of Exportise (our word for Expertise in Exporting) to help make UK exporters' lives easier and reduce their costs

Our services include:

  • Administration and completed documentation
    We can organise, originate, sign and distribute everything that an export transaction needs more »
  • Training for export administration, shipping and sales personnel
    Bespoke courses for maximum efficiency more »
  • Consultancy & projects
    Problem-solving on export and general business matters more »
  • Help-line service for new exporters
    Practical help by phone or email, whenever it's needed more »
  • Export efficiency audits
    To make export departments more effective more »
  • WordsWorker
    Ensures clarity in writing, especially for readers whose first language isn't English more »
  • We also help importers to understand the terms of their deals and avoid unexpected costs more »

An export sale is much more complex than a domestic one and provides correspondingly greater opportunities for error. Many of the errors are expensive - and sometimes impossible - to resolve and these can cause serious financial loss.

Others are less dramatic; they don't usually sink a business, but reduce profits by silent leakage caused by inefficiencies and unanticipated costs.

Export documentation - electronic or paper - links the many parties to an export transaction and ensures that the goods are sold and delivered and payment received.

It must be properly planned, timely, correct and complete. Mistakes cause delays, cost money and irritate customers.

We apply the Exportise to solve export problems and improve the export processes. We can work with organisations of any size.

We don't process personal exports, time-sensitive or perishable goods, or pyrotechnics.

If you don't find here exactly what you need - please ask! We enjoy devising solutions to new problems.


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