All Your Export Documents Completed For You

The least-cost option for new, infrequent or overloaded exporters

Who is this service for?

Just about anyone! We originally intended it for new, small and infrequent exporters but found it was also used by large companies with a temporary capacity shortage. We offer it to manufacturers and to agents/distributors. We do not handle the movement of personal effects.

Why outsource?

Exporting can be a complex affair, and mistakes are usually expensive. The skills to handle export sales need to be in place in time to avoid making the mistakes – which means even before setting export prices or issuing quotations.

This used to mean an investment in staff and training before any business– even enquiries - could be properly handled and when the return was still often uncertain. This turned an export enquiry that might at first sight have seemed a simple operation into a significant - and often speculative - investment.

Our documentation service has changed all that! We provide all the skills and experience just when they are needed.

So, no up-front investment in personnel or systems to worry about! And no risk.

The service is also valuable to higher-volume exporters to:

  • Outsource all or part of their export administration to reduce costs (but without putting themselves in the hands of a single freight company)
  • Provide skilled cover for absent staff (typically, maternity or long-term illness)
  • Absorb seasonal peaks in workload and thus avoid the need for extra staff who might not be fully enough employed at other times.

How much will it cost?

That depends – but for sure, far less than it would cost to do the work in-house.

The cost of processing an export shipment can vary enormously - from peanuts to coconuts - and will depend on:

  • The complexity of the documentation requirements for each market
  • Any special requirements imposed by the terms of trade or the nature of the goods
  • How much of your internal administration you wish to outsource as well as just document production.

We expect to do the job for a much lower cost than you can yourself.

What are the costs of in-house export processing?

Few exporters know their real costs but we'll help you to work them out: Just download our Export Administration Costs Calculation Sheet (it's in Free Downloads).

When you have repeated the calculations (because you won't have believed the high figure) - please contact us for a very competitive estimate.

We'll analyse your current or predicted export sales patterns, agree with you what documents are needed and any other services you require, and make you a detailed proposal. As a guide, most of our completed documents cost GBP 6.55 each.

More information

We've put a full description of the service in Free Downloads

For more information, please contact us.