Consultancy: The application of experience and thought to business problems and projects

Our consultancy services cover any export-related problems or projects of an intellectual or forensic nature with output in the form of a plan or report or verbal advice. Our consultancy is by the day, half-day, hour or 5-minute unit.

Consultancy can be open-ended or restricted to specific questions.

We cover many areas - not all of them to do with exporting. The most regular are:

Management briefing

Ideal for newly-appointed senior managers whose responsibilities include an export or shipping operation which they do not yet understand - but would like to.

We assess the operation and tell our client who is doing what, why, to whom, and whether it could be done better, more economically or not at all.

The objectivity of an external consultant is often beneficial in this situation.

Efficiency audit

Similar to a management briefing but to a greater depth and spread.

We can analyse the operation down to individual document output level, and cover the effectiveness of communications and information flow (human and electronic) between internal departments and external organisations.

Trade terms audit

This covers the use of payment and delivery terms, remittance methods, payment float times and anything else which is relevant. Our report quantifies their impact on profitability (when there are sufficient data) and suggests improvements.

The cost of all consultancy varies according to the complexity, duration and level of responsibility of the project. We always provide a costed proposal and offer discounts for multiple consecutive days on the same site and a particularly advantageous rate for new exporters.

Principal consultant: Tim Instone MBA, MCIM

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