In-house Bespoke Export Training

A sure way to improve effectiveness

Q: Who can benefit from training?

A: Almost anyone!

  • Administration and shipping personnel who may need updating with current good practice and procedures
  • Sales staff, especially if converting from domestic to export selling
  • Accounts staff, who may not be familiar with international trade and payments

Senior management can also benefit from our briefings: Who in their empire is doing what, why, what it's costing and whether there is scope for improvement

Q: Why in-house? Isn't that too expensive?

A: Not when you realise what you get: High productivity and efficient uses of time.

It makes far better use of time than a public seminar because it addresses a single company's specific situation, needs and concerns rather than ploughing through a fixed 'catch-all' agenda. That is because we can concentrate on what's important and not spend time on what may be irrelevant.

Q: Surely our salespeople know how to sell already?

A: We certainly hope so! However, we don't teach selling techniques.

We do teach the use of terms and methods of delivery and payment for maximum effect. Anyone who is not familiar with them will make less advantageous deals than someone who is - whether that is a customer or a competitor.

The use or misuse of sales and delivery terms can have a dramatic effect on the profitability of a deal as well as on a company's general export business.

Q: What do you cover?

A: Whatever each client needs.

For example, a typical course can include:

  • The implications and use of Incoterms
  • Documentation and procedures
  • Terms of payment and their relative security and cost
  • Methods of remittance
  • Avoidance of unnecessary finance costs
  • Anything else that is wanted!

Our courses for administrative and shipping staff can be set at any level of knowledge - from novice to expert - and cover everything that's needed for the client's products, markets and customers. They are tailored to each company and the software - if any - that is in use there.

Q: What does it cost?

A: As always, that will depend on several factors, including:

  • Complexity of training and course material
  • The number of participants - small groups (3-6 is the ideal number) can be trained the most efficiently;
  • larger groups take longer.
  • Travelling distance
  • Duration - we offer a discount for successive days on the same site.

Please discuss your needs with us.

More information

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